Oh Injury: rude-ass people.


While taking public transportation this afternoon after an extra-long day of work, I was obliged to stand as there wasn’t a speck of space to sit my weary self down (though I was literally carrying 15 lbs easy of stuff in two different bags).  For some unknown reason, a woman who had been lucky enough to snag a seat decided to stand up for a moment without bracing herself first with a good handhold, even though the vehicle was clearly about to lurch forward.  Lurch it did and in her attempt to prevent a fall, she flailed out wildly and landed a punch squarely on my nose.

This was painful and irritating enough, but to add insult to injury, instead of looking sincerely sorry for almost breaking my face, she did this half-assed “Oh, so sorry!” while giggling and grinning like an idiot.  While I understand it’s human nature to laugh when someone gets injured, I have trained myself out of that habit.  I find it completely insensitive to laugh at the person until you have thoroughly ascertained that there is no permanent damage or severe pain.  Pain isn’t humorous to me.  I actually ended a lifetime long friendship with a person after I slipped, fell, and split open my knee while playing tennis.  He laughed mightily and never apologized.  Forget you, jerk-face.

If you see someone get injured, do your best to suppress your chuckles.  It’s rude as hell.  Maybe that’s why I never liked the Three Stooges.