Justifiable homicide and entomological favoritism.


Do you ever feel a philosophical tug at your conscience when you murder insects?  I was getting ready to shower the other night and as I undressed, I noticed a large bug had worked its way into my shirt and was on my torso.  I smacked it off but as it hit the ground, I realized it was a firefly.  I instantly felt horrible for killing it, but not even one minute later, I ruthlessly exterminated a mosquito on the ceiling and a little brown cigarette beetle that was crawling in my bathtub.  I acknowledge that I felt bad for the firefly because I like shiny glowing things.  The others had no inherent value for me and my rule of thumb has been: if it’s outside and doing no harm. leave it be.  If it’s in my house, it’s fair game.  I think that this can be a metaphor at its deepest level, about the fact that we as humans intrinsically don’t value life in general; just our own and those that matter to us in some way.