Bike riding.

For those of you fortunate enough to own one, bike riding is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities I know.  If you don’t own one, some cities and towns are awesome enough to have a bike rental or co-op to join and get use of one.  It’s worth looking into.

Enjoy the feel of the wind cooling you off as you move past the scenery, and the knowledge that while you’re having fun, you are getting both a good cardio session as well as strength training for your lower body.  Engage your core and make sure to keep your shoulders open and down your back to get even more benefits.  Getting fresh air and sunshine beats pumping away in a dark crowded room smelling the sweat of others in a spin class.

Don’t let machismo or fear of flat hair deter you from wearing a helmet.  Traumatic brain injury is a sure-fire way to ruin everyone’s day.  Whether you’re on a ten-speed, mountain bike, or unicycle (saw a guy rocking one yesterday in town.  It was amazing.), put on your helmet, slap on some sunblock, grease your chain, top off the air in your tires and go for a bike ride.  You’ll feel good.