A Book Review: The God Delusion


I recently finished reading Richard Dawkins’ atheist screed which, with many cogent arguments, sound logic, and presentation of plain old facts that can’t be denied by the reasoning mind, has single-handedly turned my wishy-washy, I’m-not-100%-sure shadows of agnostic doubt into full-fledged, unapologetic atheism.  I’ve never felt better.  The weights of fear and superstition have been permanently lifted and leave me free to accept that this world and my place in it are only what I alone make of them.  I am free to determine and define my life’s purpose and value.

Richard is likely  “preaching to the converted” with this book and the devoutly religious will reject his views out of hand.  That’s fine, it’s not for them.  If you find yourself tired of sitting on that fence and getting splinters in your ass, give it a read.