Update: Micro-rolling treatment.

(painless, my eye)

So, if you haven’t been reading from the beginning of this weblog, I mentioned a cosmetic treatment I was currently engaged in to combat signs of aging.  The process is called micro-rolling or micro-needling and you can turn back to my previous post to get a quick overview of how I came to engaging in this insanity.

Well, after four treatments over six months, I am happy to say I can see some subtle but concrete improvements.  Minor forehead lines are significantly diminished; the deeper one is shallower.  No major change on pigmentation.  The only changes I did see in this was when I first began and was also using a hydroquinone “fade” cream.  I left off with it, but in the last month have added one back with a different active ingredient–Avon Anew Ultimate (review to come at the end of the bottle).  Don’t dare get this serum anywhere near your eyes.  I was careless and woke up with irritated, swollen eyelids that fortunately did return to normal before I arrived at work that morning.   I never before saw results from skin lighteners so I can only assume that the needling allows the product to penetrate to the correct dermal layer to address the hyperpigmentation.

Most impressive though is the decrease in the depth of my nasolabial folds.  As a frequent smiler and face-twister, I am developing quite the “parentheses” lines and was very glad those showed some improvement.

My verdict: if you have the skrilla to spare, go for it.  It’s much less expensive and dangerous than fraxel, there is basically no downtime (my face looked a little sunburned for 24 hours and I couldn’t wear makeup for that day).  With laser there is much oozing and crusting.  Ick and ick.  There is also a danger of developing hyperpigmentation!  Also, if you happen to have acne pits, this is supposedly an effective treatment for those (I don’t happen to have those types of scars so no notes there).  Still, you’d likely need to do this series of treatments at least 2-3 times before seeing some major improvements (NB – this is conjecture as I have only gone through it once).

If you decide to take the plunge, go to a reputable doctor, make sure to use the acid cream to keep the holes open longer, and use the collagen-boosting cream vigilantly.  The pain was worst the first time but much like waxing, once you know what to expect, it doesn’t hurt as badly.  Also, listening to relaxing music and deep-breathing help during the more sensitive areas.  Under no circumstances could I stand to have my upper lip rolled.  I would suggest a nerve-block if you need that area done.

Stay beautiful friends!