Health coverage.


So, I am in a situation where I am currently without health coverage.  I don’t get too worried because I am generally healthy but it’s not ideal and I would like to be covered.  Unfortunately, I can’t get covered through my current employer and after talking to a representative for my home state, it’s become quite clear that there is no affordable coverage option.  The mid-level “silver” plan would be over$2000 a year with a $2000 deductible and many of the services I would need wouldn’t be part of the amount counted toward meeting the deductible.  On top of that, it would only be health coverage, not vision or dental which I really do need as well.  That would be even more money and not offered through the exchanges.

At that amount, I’m be better off paying out of pocket and eating the fine I’ll get at the end of next tax season because it will be cheaper than paying the premiums and the out-of-pockets toward reaching my deductible.

I truly do believe that public health should be mandatory but the average citizen is being given an “unfunded mandate” much like NCLB.  The tax deduction the government is offering me to offset the monthly premium is a joke.  I don’t see an affordable option with adequate coverage being offered.  Expand Medicare for all and take the for-profit angle out of the health coverage equation to offer a universal and affordable system to cover everyone.