Holiday gift ideas – In Praise of Hanro

jayne mansfield

As many of you might be, I am working hard to finish my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving.  It not only gives me a sense of accomplishment, but I truly love getting people presents.  I love the research involved to find the things that they either a) mentioned in passing during the year that they would love to have or b) find something so perfectly suited it was the thing that they didn’t even know they wanted/needed and now can’t live without.  I don’t limit myself to tangibles either, as I am a big fan of experiential gifts (tickets to shows/musical performances, tours, movie passes, meals out, spa days, etc.)  These are things that people like but many won’t treat themselves to.

To kick off the holidays, I was inspired to also blog about some of the items I am looking at for friends and family.  I know I’m always looking for inspiration and thought I’d share some of my ideas for practical and special gifts. hanro

For those of y’all out there who’ve not heard of the brand, Hanro is a Swiss company that manufactures some of the most amazing undergarments and loungewear I have ever experienced.  They’ve been around since the late 1800’s so they must be doing something right.

My first pieces were three camisoles-two white and one black (the black, sadly, was lost over the years through one move or another).  I didn’t actually purchase them but permanently borrowed them from my mother because these are super expensive and I was a broke highschool kid.  Needless to say, they were far from new when I acquired them.  These smooth, seamless pieces are now well over 20 years old and only recently has one of them started to develop a little hole and a run.  I can only assume they are made of the same 100% cotton as the current spaghetti V-neck camisoles because there were never any tags sewn into the pieces (another bonus for those with sensitive skin).

Since then I have acquired some of their other camisoles and pajamas.  I even launder and dry them regularly and they haven’t pilled, stretched or faded.  These are not cheap pieces but I look at them as investments–these are not going to wear out for many years to come.

P.S. – They make items for men as well, so you can find something for everyone on your list.  Happy shopping.