Snarky Linguist: Words that aren’t words and common errors.

Nother – As in, “a whole nother story,” but that’s a whole other story we shan’t get into. (I am guilty of this one)

Surveil – A back transformation from the word “surveillance,” but the word you really want is “survey.”

Of coarse. – Really?  It’s rough and bumpy?  Of course it’s not spelled right.

I should’ve went. – Maybe you should’ve gone instead.

Yes, maybe I should of gone. – Yes, I think you should have gone and stayed there.

Nucular – I’m not afraid of nucular weapons, but I do believe in nuclear disarmament.

Irregardless – Regardless of whether people use it or not, this isn’t really a word.  Still, people say it, hoping it makes them sound smarter, irrespective of the fact that it betrays their illiteracy.

Utilize – Many like to “utilize” this term when really, they just mean “use.”  Utilize is more about taking something which may or may not otherwise be helpful and making use of it in an effective and efficient manner.  You aren’t utilizing a fork to shovel cheese fries into your gaping maw; you’re just using your fork as it was meant to be.

Very unique, very original. – Unique is “one-of-a-kind” and original is the beginning of something. Things can’t be “very one-of-a-kind.”  Either it was the beginning of something, or it wasn’t.  These words take no modifiers, thank you. On a related note: I have no idea what a “full” or “complete” stop looks like.  Either you’ve stopped, or you’re still in motion.  It’s like saying that regular old “stop” means “I’m partly moving.”