The Walking Dead: Season 2 (no spoilers)

While I realize that I’m a “Jenny-come-lately,” I just finished devouring Season 2 of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. If they don’t get a whole mess of Emmy wins, they were robbed.  The acting and script are excellent.   This show, like many other great shows happening now, is very much character-driven and can get a bit slow at times, but it’s toally worth the wait to watch as the people on it develop.   Besides, I need a break in the action because when things heat up on this show, people get attacked and I find it stressful to watch.   It took me quite a while to make it through both the first and second seasons since much of the story and events are so horrifying and depressing. Nevertheless, it was a “good hurt” and I’m glad I watched it, after all.

While we may never find out what caused the “plague,” my gut tells me it was some form of biological weapon that accidentally (?) got into the water supply/food chain/air. It traveled quickly and permeated the entire human population too completely to be contained. That level of thoroughness smacks of human engineering.

I was able to enjoy this show at my leisure because I use services such as Netflix, Hulu, Itunes, and can save shows to my hard drive. Watching shows this way is very pleasurable because a) I loathe sitting through commercials, and b) it’s so maddening to have to wait for one measly show per week.   Though, even pay-for-play Hulu Plus now makes us endure a ridiculous number of advertisements. I need to inhale a storyline uninterruptedly. As it is, seasons last maybe ten to fifteen episodes. Are you old enough to recall when programs began in September and seasons typically had over twenty episodes?

When I got hooked on the show Lost, it was already three seasons in and I watched it on DVD until I caught up in about a month and a half (Yes, I know. That’s a heck of a lot of t.v. to watch. I had a month off and was being a recluse). Then I had to wait week to week and season to season, which was further delayed by the dreaded Writers’ Strike of aught-seven. Now that Mad Men is back on, I’m just not as jazzed because of this waiting. The delays are so annoying, I’d rather wait the whole season out and watch it all at once, at my own pace. When a show is gone so long, I’ve lost the momentum of the storyline. I’ve forgotten key character points and events. I’ve forgotten my theories and predictions. It’s just not as fun. That is the ultimate curse of avoiding commercials and time shifting: the eventual catching up to the present.